Towing is a well-known method of transporting vehicles because it could be needed at any time on the road.

As is well known, the car can be left on the road at the worst possible times and even a slight failure can lead to the failure of the entire car. In this case, either a recovery vehicle or the knowledge of towing company san jose is required.

Learn the towing rules in Germany

  • If it is towed in the dark, the parking lights must be switched on.
  • Both cars must have the hazard warning lights switched on at all times during towing.
  • The maximum speed must not exceed 50 km / h. It should be driven calmly, without jolts and without increasing speed.towing services
  • The tow rope must not be longer than 5m and must be marked with a red flag. The rope is attached to the special eyelets below the front and rear bumpers of the cars.
  • The tow rope and the tow hook must be adjusted to the weight of the breakdown vehicle.
  • The rope should remain taut between the two cars, otherwise, it can easily break if there is an unexpected jolt. When it sags, the rope can also be opened by the towing vehicle.
  • Changes in direction must be interpreted by hand signals.
  • It is forbidden to tow a defective car on motorways! If a car breaks down on a motorway, it has to leave it at the next exit.
  • If the vehicle electronics fail, the vehicle must not be towed with a rope. In this case, it is loaded onto a recovery vehicle.
  • The vehicle to be towed must not be much larger or heavier than the vehicle being towed.
  • It is permitted to tow the vehicle for disposal and recycling but only provided that the vehicle is still registered and insured.
  • Towing an unregistered vehicle is prohibited.

What should be considered when towing?

In Germany, only non-operational vehicles are allowed to be towed if the vehicle cannot be repaired on-site. The vehicle may only be towed over short distances. With the help of a tow rope, the vehicle is brought to the next parking space or workshop via the shortest possible route.