“The trailer doesn’t have an engine and it’s just like a rear car, but it’s legally treated like a car.”
“Because it’s pulled by a car, it’s treated as a car, unlike a horse or a manually pulled vehicle.”

Have you ever seen the license plate of a large trailer? The license plates of the front car (tractor) and the rear car (trailer) are different. If you look at the detached tractor, you’ll see a sealed plate after it, just like a normal car. The trailer has only a rear plate, but it’s quite different from the front tractor. This is because the later trailer is registered as one car. The trailer we are thinking of is actually handled under the same law. It is inspected, registered, insured, and taxed as a single-vehicle. If you want to tow even the smallest trailer by car, it will be inspected without a license plate. In addition, trailers for agricultural work that are towed by cultivators, which are small special vehicles, cannot be towed by ordinary vehicles. Once inspected, a license plate will be issued in the same way as a normal car, and the type, application, shape, and load capacity will be decided. The size determines whether it is a regular car, a small car, or a light car. The boat trailer should not carry anything other than a boat. Do not use the camping trailer to carry your luggage. It is a loading violation if you carry a heavy object that exceeds the maximum load capacity. You will be registered by the same procedure as a normal car, and you will get a car verification.

The trailer that can be pulled with an ordinary license has a total weight of up to 750 kg!
Trailers with a total weight of up to 750 kg are not strictly handled by either law. The biggest advantage is that you can tow with an ordinary license. A towing license is required for trailers with a total weight of over 750 kg. A trailer with a gross vehicle weight of more than 750 kg is called a heavy towed vehicle. Among the heavy towed vehicles, ” tow only towed vehicles other than semi-trailers with a gross vehicle weight of fewer than 2 tons. There is a “license that can be done”. Exactly that is a limited license that assumes driving by towing a camping trailer or the like. However, the current situation is that even driving schools and driving test sites do not have such vehicles, and in reality, people who try to tow a 1500 kg camping trailer often obtain an unlimited towing license.

On the highway?
Of course, the registered trailer can run on the highway. For trailers with a total weight of up to 750 kg (towed vehicles other than heavy towed vehicles), there is no lane designation. The maximum speed is 80km / h. In the case of a single-axle trailer (one tire when viewed from the side), the towing vehicle is a medium-sized vehicle if it is a normal vehicle, and a large-sized vehicle if it is a medium-sized vehicle. If you decide to pull a trailer, you will need to redo the ETC setup. By setting “with towing device” in the vehicle special notes column of the setup application form, it will be automatically counted up by one rank when towing.