Probably, the last thing that any sane politician would want to happen is for the people to start analyzing, synthesizing, inferring and evaluating their decisions. We may wind up insisting doing the same or that, they are laying the pipelines on how we should think. What’s worse, thinking voters are completely unpredictable and this makes them a lot more dangerous.

They Just want You to Follow their Lead

It’s more beneficial among politicians if they ask the public to judge. People are happier if they’re asked to judge a certain action politician do than being asked to analyze an argument.

Being so engaged on complex issues is both hard and time-consuming as well. Judgment is often satisfying and instantaneous. It’s so basic to imagine that we are critically thinking when we’re just jumping into conclusions. Judging enable us to create satisfying, communicable and immediate conclusions. The process of evaluation and analysis will require people to do serious intellectual thinking without the possibility of clear outcome.

Critical Thinking

In most cases, judgment is intuitive and in comparison to analysis and evaluation, they are using little working memory and not demanding sustained as well as directed attention. Whenever judgment is made in such a way, they’re usually based on things that we are not mindful about. These are factors that can be manipulated in influencing outcome.