After a series of mass shooting that the United States had faced in the past few years, there’ve been slimmer chances for gun-control reforms to take over. On federal level, the attention and interest in having new legislation resulted to nearly having no action in the past years despite seeing tons of polls showing public’s distaste in banning certain kinds of firearms. This is in particular to those models that have high-capacity gun magazines as well as military-style assault rifles.

Unanimous Decision?

In fact, majority of the people who have participated in poll are leaning to have a more robust background check on those people who will be buying for such.

Trump administration even issued regulatory ban on bump-stock medications and this has enabled semiautomatic weapons to fire similar to machine guns. There are even tweaks made to background check database among purchases from gun-stores.

Take Down Notes

As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why New Zealand has the ability to move swiftly is that, they are a parliamentary democracy. This ensures that their government has complete control in party or politically compatible coalition. And this is something that the US’s government has to learn to have better resolution on their heated gun problems among its citizens.