Import and export are a big help in economy to grow and expand to global market. Each and every country is blessed with unique skills and resources. To give you an example, there are countries that are rich in precious minerals and metals, fertile soil, timber, fossil fuels and other natural resources. Then again, some are short in the said resources.

Through export and import, countries that are abundant and lacking of the resources or materials needed can trade and keep their economy to boom and develop.

Keeping the Economy Alive

Imports are vital both for individual consumers and businesses. There are countries that normally have to import goods that are available cheaper overseas or not domestically ready. For individual consumers, they can benefit from locally produced products using imported components and products that have been imported to other countries. More often than not, imported products are providing competitive price or wider selections, which helps in improving standards of living.


The thing is, importing must be done in regulation. It’s because the more a country imports, the more money leaves the country than what is coming in through sales in exports. Then again, the more the country is exporting goods, it promotes domestic economic activity.