In an effort to provide public with clarity about climate crisis and inequality in the US, the left seized initiatives and proposes higher taxes on rich in an effort to fund the transformative government programs similar to Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

Pure Effort Required

However, parallel concerns regarding domination of various government entities by affluent individuals and technocrats pose danger that may derail these plans.

With this in mind, it calls for radically and strong democratic vision for the left and combining advocacy of growing state power along with demands for more citizen participation as well as oversight. The left also requires more than a good and effective policy. What it should seek is a creative and serious proposal on draining the swamp.

Equal Rights and Power

We can’t expect averting dangers of corruption and capture by simply electing new-faced representatives who have “noble intentions” or hiring smarter professionals. Whether you like it or not, changing of guard would not suffice. Without a doubt, transformative reforms should be motivated by robust democratic vision.

This is going to empower ordinary citizens in holding government officials accountable and break self-perpetuating cycles of capture. One of the seemingly promising approaches to reach this goal is through sortition or assigning political power via lotteries.