A businessman confidently grips his travel bag while checking his smartphone.

Every connection, even the one established on a massage table during business trips is important in business and politics. This means that every interaction is vital both in the corporate sector and public sphere where people don’t only meet at conferences or boardrooms but also on other occasions such as when one is having a massage like South Korea’s Home Thai (홈타이) while on a business trip.

Using travel massages for political networking can be a tactical move that leads to connections which are very useful in various ways. Here are some tips on how you can use your massage sessions for political networking.

Choose The Right Place

Pick out massage parlors strategically located around politics related areas or conference centers. Also, look for well-known spas where professionals from your industry frequent or those that serve clients with such connections. These environments create an informal atmosphere favorable for creating deeper relationships through conversation.

Engage In Casual Talk

Take advantage of small talk opportunities before and after getting massaged by striking up conversations with other customers present or masseuses themselves. Talk about what’s happening currently, touch base with local events within their jurisdictions if possible because it might turn out that they know something different about them than what you already do. Thereby giving you an added advantage over others who only rely on news broadcasts alone.

Share Your Knowledge

Share any insights based upon your area of specialization so as to position yourself as an expert among peers. Depending on the context, this might involve talking about implications of certain policies, commenting market trends vis-à-vis geopolitical dynamics, etc.

Whatever it is, make sure what comes out from mouth adds value otherwise nobody will take interest beyond time spent together.

Listen Actively And Be Sensitive To Others’ Needs

Such places are relaxing and hence the need to be attentive not only to words but also understand them fully as others might talk about sensitive topics like politics. One must note that these opinions can never be stated openly because some powerful people may react badly, thus emphasizing on secrecy.

Follow Up Rightly

After having had one such session doesn’t allow things die off but rather follow up contacts made – send thank you messages showing gratitude over time spent talking or suggest meeting for coffee later on if both parties still have more to say each other’s ears about.

In a nutshell, keep conversation alive until those friendships grow into relationships which could benefit either party politically professionally too.


In general, business travel trip massages do not just offer relaxation; they create chances for political networking as well.

By being selective when it comes to places attended during these periods, engaging in deeper conversations with others and knowing what next after such encounters can help in growing one’s network base which may eventually prove crucial towards career advancement through politics.

Next time you are away on official duties, consider booking yourself some bodywork therapy because who knows whom might bump into while there?