Going on trips whether locally or internationally, or touring places such as on Blue Cave tour from Split, is a leisure pursuit that numerous have a great liking for. After all, people have the right to travel.

The Freedom Of Movement

The freedom of movement or also known as the right to travel is a concept of human rights covering the right of people to travel or go to places inside the territory of a nation, as well as to leave and come back to the country. The right isn’t only about traveling and visiting places, but also includes changing residency and place of work.

Such right is furnished in the constitutions of various states, as well as in documents mirroring standards of international law. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 13, for instance, states that:

  • a person who is a citizen of a state has the freedom to travel, live, and/or be employed in any area of the state where he/she chooses within the bounds of respect for others’ rights and liberty
  • a citizen has the right to exit any country as well, counting their own, and to come back to it at any time.


Several individuals and organizations campaign for an extension of the said freedom to embrace a freedom of movement, or migration, among the countries and within the countries as well. This freedom is limited in diverse ways by different governments and might even differ in the territory of a country. Such limitations are largely based on order, safety justifications, or public health and suggest that the right to these restrictions preempts or deters the concept of freedom of movement.

Usual Restrictions

Restrictions on intercontinental travel on individuals, both emigration and immigration, are usual. Inside countries, right to travel is frequently more restricted for minors. A penal law could amend this right since it applies to individuals convicted of or charged with crimes, for example those in probation or parole. In several some nations, historically, freedom of movement has been restricted for women, as well as individuals who are part of social and racial groups that are disfavored. Conditions, practical and legal, may work to restrict this freedom. A country that is usually indulgent in terms of travel, for instance, might put a limitation to that if and when there is war.