It was just only in June 20, 2018 when the Mental Health Act was approved and signed by the Philippines Department of Health (DOH). The Mental Health Act or IRR of the Republic Act No. 11036 was also took effect on that year on July 5. It is focused pointing to the enhancement of the health of the people in all areas stressing out the fundamental right of every Filipinos to mental health. Further, the law also covers the providing of the government protection for proper and accessible healthcare to all Filipinos.

Establishment of a national policy on the mental health was the primary goal of the approval of the law.

Important Things to Know Under the IRR 11036

Generally, the Mental Health Act implemented by the health administration of the Philippine government covers wide range of the health system. However, below are some of the key points that must be considered.

1. Availability of the treatment at all levels of the health system nationwide

From barangays to the provincial level, and from regional to national, a well-balanced system of mental health system must be established. This should be implemented on the community-based and the hospital-based services.

2. The law stresses the right of the patient to receive humanitarian medical care

Mental health patients shall be delighted to a fair and just access to treatment under clinical and psychosocial care at a minimal selective surrounding and manner. Moreover, it also includes humanitarian medication clear from torture, cruelty, harmful, or invasive operations.

3. It promotes to get rid of the stigma related to mental health disturbances by calling for local government units, educational institutions, and public and private companies to distribute awareness.

The above-mentioned units shall establish programs to increase the awareness on mental health concerns, determine and cater support and succor for individuals under perils, and facilitate access of people with mental health to treatment and mental health support.

4. Philhealth is responsible for the coverage of the treatment and medication intended for mental health conditions.

The DOH shall reconciliate with the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation like that of the It has a primary goal of ensuring that the insurance bundles equal to those crowning the physical disturbances of similar impact to the patient.

5. The law develops a Philippine Council responsible for the Mental Health which ensures that the Act is implemented accurately.

In relation to the DOH in overseeing the exertion of this Act, the Philippine Council is being established. This aims to focus particularly on the integration of the services under the mental health receptive to the needs of the people of the Philippines.