Homework is a channel to foster the educational partnership of home and school. This is for the purpose of guiding the pupils to achieve the highest standard of education and the great future of mankind. Homework involves a complete variety of activities initiated by the instructors and the parents to reinforce the learning among children.

Defining Homework:

Most of the time, homework is seen by the students and parents as a chore. However, it should be classified as an extension of the pupils schoolwork. There may be times that some assignments are difficult because homework acts to give a positive role in enhancing the level of student’s achievement.

More so, there are available assignment help in UK that may aid both the parents and students. On the other hand, the role of play and children’s free time are very much acknowledge for the growth and development of students. With this, it seems that homework encompass a broad degree of opportunities.

Further, homework is a two way process between a student and teacher. The teachers have the responsibility to ask for some tasks to the students that are actually done at home. At the same time, they are also glad to know the children’s success which will be recognized in schools.

Things to consider by teachers when giving homework:

The moment teachers give a homework, they must make sure of the following:

  1. The topic are directly related to the current aspects of study.
  2. Instructions are clear to children matching their abilities most likely with students who have special educational needs.
  3. The time duration for the submission is clear and specific.
  4. Homework completion in a regular basis with high standard should be recognized.
  5. Children’s accomplishment through the effect of homework should be evaluated and added in the report card.

Parents Responsibility:

It is very important that parents show positive behavior towards their children’s homework and give worth to its importance. Moreover, recognizing the children’s responsibility for the completion of work is highly crucial. The barrier between parents and children is indefinite and vary from each single day.

Parents must have to listen to the explanation of their children. In case parents have any inquiries about their children’s homework, contacting the class teacher is the initial thing to do. Further, in the instance that they want to execute a formal complaint regarding the homework policy of the school, the complaint must be put in writing.