For some people, it gives a sense of pride to own and raise exotic animals. Given the fact that they are exotic, not everyone is allowed and legal to be owned in the US. So the better question to settle here is, which exotic pet is legal in your state and which is not. Something that you should know is that, different states will have different restrictions for banning exotic animals.

In fact, even within your state, bans for such animals do exist too, which can be on a level from:

  • Neighborhood associations
  • Counties and;
  • Cities

While you may not be able to get full records of which animals are allowed and not when reading PetFriendlyPDX, this will at least give you ideas on which animals are exotic that may or may not be allowed in your location. As we read on this article, you are going to learn general idea of which pets are permitted. Still, you have to check into specific regulations that do apply.

Loopholes and Exceptions

Much like in the banning of different state, the way how people define exotic animals vary as well. Generally, the media is using the term “exotic” in describing pets people fear similar to wolves, large snakes and big cats. Basically, exotics are anything other than cats, dogs, farm animals as well as common “pocket” animals like rabbits, small rodents such as hamsters and guinea pigs. Small reptiles can be classified as exotic pet but is rarely banned. Parrots are also an example of exotic species that are banned rarely. As you see, there is an exception to the rules and loopholes that you can get through.

Banning of Exotic Animals

In most cases, exotic pets are misunderstood and misjudged. Worst thing is, misinformation is abundant too.

Majority of the exotic pets are restricted in the states of California and Hawaii with the latter having the highest restriction due to the ecosystem of the island. Apart from that, they’re vulnerable to invasive species. Then in New York City, it’s extremely popular amongst exotic pet lovers due to its extreme pet restrictions. Common animals that are in the trade circulation like ferrets, ball pythons as well as tarantulas are illegally kept by its owners.