There’s an increasing number of lawyers signing up to render pro bono services in helping peaceful protestors of the Black Lives Matter ()BLM) movement. Since many are being arrested just for participating, legal professionals are letting people know that peaceful assembly and to show protests are civil rights. They are therefore, not plausible reasons for getting thrown in jail.


Why the BLM Needs Lawyers

The phenomenal spread of the protest actions against a police officer’s killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, has reached all 50 American states. However, professional agitators have been intentionally causing mayhem and chaos by destroying properties and looting commercial establishments, giving law enforcement officers legal reasons to make arrests.

As a way to keep protest actions peaceful and protected against the malicious deeds of agitators, most movements are holding their demonstrations, as far away as possible from the metropolis and downtown areas. That way, they could clearly send the message that the goal of the BLM movement is to seek reform and legislation that will address the country’s systemic problem concerning police brutality and unlawful arrests.

For years, the issue has been ignored by government leaders and lawmakers even during former President Obama’s term. George Floyd’s death at the hands of a seemingly ruthless police officer was the “last straw that broke the camel’s back” so to speak. Today hundreds of thousands people from all races and colors are throwing in support for the BLM movement, including well-known personalities and even political as well as military leaders.

In some localities, law enforcement officers have been given stand-down orders, and have in fact laid down their riot gears as they stand and watch. As the U.S. Secretary of Defense himself had announced in a nationwide broadcast, any peace-keeping participation coming from the National Guards will be to protect the demonstrators who are merely exercising their civil rights.

Still, it is quite unfortunate that in some cities and states, in which governors are following Trump’s orders to prevail and dominate, the use of unjust force and unlawful arrests continue.

Nonetheless, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is actively taking part in intervening on behalf of arrested BLM demonstrators. Donations have poured in as bail money that are accessible through organized funds such as the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the Peoples City Council Freedom Fund, and the Louisville Community Bail Fund,

Lawyers Give Advice on What to Do and Know, When Joining the BLM Rallies

Lawyers are giving advice that before going forward with plans to join BLM protest rallies, it is important to know one’s basic civil rights, and what to do in case he or she is being placed under arrest.

Be prepared by locating a lawyer from any of the lists of attorneys who have signed up. Information can be obtained via documents that can be downloaded from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter using the #BlackLivesMatter. As much as possible, communicate with an attorney first to know if he or she is still available..

Know that as a person under arrest, it is your right to ask why because you cannot be arrested if there is no reasonable ground to suspect that you are committing a crime or about to commit one.

Stay calm and remain silent until your attorney is present, That being the case, Immediately request permission to call your lawyer.

In case you are injured, know that it is your right to seek medical attention first before anything else.

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