The presidential election is just around the corner for the United States of America. The American people will get another chance to choose a leader that will guide them towards the path of progress and unity. For the incumbent US President Donald Trump, this will be an opportunity to gain the nation’s trust so that he will have another four years in the White House in his quest, in his own words, to make America great again.

However, Trump’s reelection bid this 2020 will be a lot more challenging than he might actually be expecting at this point. For one, his government has to deal with the COVID-19 situation that is currently giving the country a hard time. Also, the controversies surrounding his presidency even before the pandemic broke out continue to haunt him. With this, there is a chance that the United States might choose to elect another person that is more suitable for the job.

Expect More Propaganda To Pop In Your Newsfeed As Election Season Nears

Both the Republican and Democrat parties have yet to officially name their respective bets in the upcoming presidential elections this November. Although, it is already apparent that former US Vice President Joe Biden will be the Democrat’s bet, while obviously President Trump will have the Republicans behind his back for his reelection bid. Nonetheless, we can say that it is still a little bit too early for the two camps to start off with their election gimmicks, or maybe not.

You may have already noticed that news with questionable info and sources have started to flock YouTube, Facebook and Twitter over the last couple of weeks. These fake news contain propaganda that discredits certain political figures that are known to run for office this November, while there are also propaganda news that are obviously written to support some politicians to win the elections.

We don’t have to be surprised by this. The purpose of the people spreading these fake news in social media is clearly to influence the people’s opinions and viewpoints, therefore also affecting the result of the presidential polls in a way. One thing is for sure: people who rely on fake news to win the election should NEVER be trusted, as they would rather spread wrong and malicious information to the public than actually doing a good job as public officials.

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