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What might not immediately come to mind when it comes to selling your home is your paint. Failing to disclose if your home has lead-based paint can become a significant liability when selling a home, especially if it proves to be harmful to the client. If you are one who Google searched “painting florida near me” and find contractors near your area to paint your house, be sure to have them disclose to you the kind of paint they used so you would know this important information. Otherwise, you might end up facing legal problems.

Why you should disclose the use of lead-based paint on your home?

If an error is created on a disclosure form, a seller could find themselves facing lawsuits from the customer. A buyer could claim the disclosure form wasn’t accurately filled out by the vendor, costing the vendor thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Duties of a seller

The EPA may facilitate your find a licensed professional to get rid of the paint from your home. A 10-day period to permit for an inspection must lean unless both parties agree on shortening or waiving the inspection.


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What are the risks of lead-based paint?

Leaded dust from paint is often even as dangerous because of the paint itself. Places like windows, doors, floors, stairways, and cabinets may be spots where leaded dust gathers and will be avoided. If these areas are hard to avoid, then wet mop them to stay dust-free. Symptoms of saturnism include aches and nausea, though some may show no symptoms in the slightest degree.

Children are especially prone to the hazards of lead paint. Symptoms for youngsters who are exposed include kidney damage, learning disabilities, and hearing damage. It may also be harmful to adults, with symptoms including fertility issues, high vital signs, memory problems, and muscle and joint pain. Looking at what proportion of time you’ve spent in a very home that’s been confirmed to possess lead-based paint, tests could also be needed to see whether any medical attention is required.

Unsure if you’ve got lead-based paint?

If your home was built before 1978, there’s a break it had been built with lead-based paint. The foremost reliable thanks to testing for lead paint is to possess an inspection done by an expert from your local health department or from the EPA website.

There are cases where lead paint is often contained by repainting with encapsulants, but more often than not the paint will be removed by an expert. This can be very true if there’s chipping or peeling, which can cause the dust to spread and result in further exposure. Don’t try and repaint over lead-based paint yourself.

If you discover you are doing have lead paint in your home, be very cautious to limit the quantity of exposure thereto. Any chipped or peeling paint will be removed by knowledgeable. Prevent children and pregnant women from occupying a section where paint may well be disturbed to assist prevent dust from the paint entering their systems.