When starting a business, you’ll probably need to register it to be able to acquire the necessary permits and license. Otherwise, you would not be able to operate legally. Having said that, expect that businesses similar to restaurants, shopping malls and the likes have secured proper documentation.

What’s a Business License?

Simply speaking, business license serves as the legal registration of a company or business that allows it to operate within your jurisdiction and industry. Small businesses are required legally both by the local and federal governments to have applicable business license long before they offer any services or goods to their market.

Business licenses is benefiting the counties where the business operates by letting them do the following:

  • Impose zoning restrictions
  • Collect revenue and;
  • Regulate which businesses are allowed to operate with them

As for small businesses, having a business license serves some benefit too. Thing is, business license varies largely on the industries, cities and states you’ll be in. Therefore, it can be somehow a challenge to narrow down which license you specifically need.

In this regard, knowing at least some of the common business license applied for can give you an idea.

Business Operating Licenses

This type of license is usually city and state issued granting the entity a legal permission to operate within the city and state’s territory. You might have to apply for a separate license if you plan to expand your operation in a different city and state as each has their own regulations and requirements.


DBA stands for “Doing Business As” permit or license. If you’re operating form a different name aside from the one that you’re legally registered, then you might need a DBA and its requirements would vary depending on location.

Zoning and Planning Permits

Each and every municipality has their own regulation on which type of business is able to operate and to where. Meaning to say, it is important that you verify the city you’re operating within is zoned for the kind of business you plan to put up. Otherwise, then you ought to apply for zoning variance and show proof that your business isn’t going to cause disruption in the community.