Did you know that you can even break a law by just simply using your vacuum sweeper? It may surprise you, but yes, cleaning your house using a floor sweeper could be troublesome. This applies really true when you are doing it at the wrong time. If you are a career woman and are busy working during the day, then the only time for you to do the house cleaning would be at night.

However, according to the law, creating a loud noise, like cleaning using a vacuum, most likely beyond 8pm could be categorized as nuisance behavior. The said behavior does not only confined to loud music and parties during the late night. It also entails any kind of sounds that go beyond the acceptable decibel level. By law, exceeding with the following decibel levels are not allowed:

  • 34 dBA in case the critical noise level is not greater than 24 dBA
  • 10 dBA exceeding the critical noise level in case it is greater than 24 dBA

Regulations Regarding the Late Night Use of Vacuum Cleaner

Most people are not aware that they are already a law violator by doing a simple house cleaning using their vacuum cleaner that usually emits certain noise level.

In connection to this, they may fall or commit an act of nuisance behavior. Commonly, the primary cause of neighbor arguments is the creation of nuisance noise. In relation to the noise being created through a vacuum cleaner at a certain period of time or during remote hours will lead to reporting to the local authority. The local council may send environmental health officer to evaluate the noise level and identify if a penalty should be imposed.

That’s why it is important to know the specifications of the vacuum cleaner prior to buying. There are various types of vacuum available in the market and each of them have unique technical qualifications. Find for reviews and comparisons of each like for example the reviews for Dyson V8 vs V11. This will let you identify which one emits the acceptable decibel level.

Other illegal things that might surprise you and could make you a law violator:

  1. Taking fruit from the tree of your neighbor even if the fruit already hangs on your garden side.
  2. Security lighting that directly shines brightly to the property of your neighbor.
  3. Your CCTV cameras should not be pointed fully to the land of your neighbor.
  4. It is not allowed by the law to use your neighbor’s unsecured wifi without their permission.
  5. Having chicken in your backyard may lead to nuisance noise.

Knowing these simple rules and regulations being imposed would make you not just a concerned but a better citizen. And that’s what the community is requiring to us so that we could experience a great future of mankind.