YouTube has always attracted many young people. Many of the younger generations have started their own vlogs. While many of them focus on themes like lifestyle, a young vlogger chose to vlog about politics using a different approach.

The Interview with Angela Merkel

It is summer 2015, the political and social debate in Germany revolves around the refugee crisis. Not an easy time for Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is the time when she was interviewed for the first time by a successful YouTuber. With the renowned political journalists who usually surround the Chancellor, LeFloid has nothing in common with anyone, being completely different from everyone.

The interview was broadcasted on YouTube in July 2015. His questions were too harmless, the interview style too good. LeFloid is not a trained political journalist, and before that, he was repeatedly accused of providing information not critical enough to redistribute.

Berlin LeFloid, Political Vlogger on Youtube

The Berlin LeFloid, with real name Florian Mundt, is a star in his industry. The subject of his video contributions is not music, games, or lifestyle topics. The trained pedagogue and psychologist conveys politics in around ten-minute clips, the LeNews.

Since 2007 he has been commenting on current news events in a one-man show, which uses lively body language and pointed, the flippant way of expression. He expresses himself precisely and clearly but at the same time cheeky, relaxed, and easy to understand for young people.

3.1 million subscribers watch it and have generated almost 630 million page views so far. It had been shared and downloaded by many viewers using the YouTube clip converter – Best Youtube converter mp4. This makes LeFloid one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in Germany.

But he was and is not the only YouTuber who conveys political content. Some formats disappeared just as quickly as they emerged, but many are pleased about the increasing number of subscribers, especially among young users.

According to the 2017 JIM study by Media Education Research Association Southwest, YouTube is undisputed the most important platform for young people’s moving image content”. 88 percent of young people between the ages of 12 and 19 use YouTube at least several times a week, 63 percent every day. About a third of this age group watch videos related to breaking news.