Increasingly more people are coming across alternative ways to watch their favorite movies and TV shows aside from the usual satellite or cable programming. Because of the growth of streaming services, viewers are provided with various means to get and view their televised content. IPTV is one new way.

IPTV – What Is It?

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV refers to any kind of content that is televised and acquired via the internet instead of the usual method like cable, antennas or satellite. One of the major reasons why IPTV is quickly replacing conventional means of television services is basically of the price. Subscribing to an IPTV costs you much lesser monthly charges compared to cable or satellite services. Check out

Not so many individuals know a good deal about it IPTV. Moreover, the legality of IPTV has been questioned. Since many don’t know much about it and aren’t sure of its legality, many aren’t certain if it is safe to use it.

Satellite and cable have their individual benefits; however they are basically offset by their cost. A lot of IPTV services have regular monthly charges that cost a portion of a satellite or cable fee. Furthermore, because online streaming services are increasingly becoming quite popular, and have wider range of content, many people would most likely switch to IPTV.

But then again, even though it is becoming popular, there are those are uncertain of it as they cannot discern whether or not IPTV is permitted by the law. So, what really is the legal status of IPTV?

IPTV – Legal or Not?

IPTV is legal given that it abides by the rules and laws surrounding copyright infringement.

Basically, asking if IPTV is legal is akin to asking whether downloading or copying content from the internet is legal or not.  The question is actually too general to get a straightforward yes or no answer.

When service providers of IPTV get content illegally, they are violating the law as they infringing on copyright laws, just like streaming or spreading content they don’t have legal right or have permission to do so. The customers’ problem is that it isn’t always evident when and if an IPTV service provider is actually getting their sources illegally or legally.