Discussing politics is an important building block for a functioning democracy. It is, however, a polarizing issue in which completely different ideologies often clash. So is the infused candles office the right place for this?

Employees of infused candles do not shy away from political disputes

More than half of the employees and executives from the study “politics at the workplace” think that political issues are appropriate for the office. Only one in three finds the topic inappropriate, the rest are undecided. There is a clear difference when it comes to age. 61 percent of those in employment up to the age of 30 consider political discussions to be suitable for the office. Among the older colleagues, it is only 44 percent.

The study also shows that every second worker in the office would talk openly about their own political views. For men, it is even 60 percent, while only 48 percent of women openly profess their political views.

From a business point of view, controversial topics can also be quite advantageous. Successful companies are often characterized by teams with great diversity. A diverse mix of opinions leads to better discussions, decisions, and results for everyone.

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When political issues are out of place

A certain amount of friction from differing views is invigorating for corporate culture. Nevertheless, tact is required. If the culture is more formal than at Google, political statements are quickly seen as crossing borders.

Even if colleagues do not yet know each other well, sensitive topics such as politics should be avoided. After all, you don’t want to lose the sympathy of your colleagues and especially your boss, which is good for successful cooperation.

The study confirms the dangers of political disputes in the workplace. Although politics is not a taboo subject for most employees, 53 percent of them say that political discussions are bad for the working atmosphere. 30 percent don’t think such conversations have an impact and only 17 percent believe they have a positive impact.

Anyone who heeds the motto “thinks first, then talk” and is able to assess their colleagues correctly will not trigger a catastrophe with differentiated political statements. When in doubt, however, it is always the safest way to save political debates for the end of the day.