Many believe that it takes a special kind of person to be wholly interested in being at the frontline of political activities in today’s political realm. Yet if you are not that person but have desires to take part in the process of formulating laws behind the scenes, you can find fulfillment working as a political analyst or as a lobbyist. You could also consider working as a statistician or economist, of which the rewards are mostly financial as these are more longer lasting than being elected or appointed as a political figure.

After all, in effectively performing responsibilities as part of the support group of a lawmaker, your skills and high level of knowledge are far more valuable. If the politician or company you are working for does not pay you well for your services, you can always apply for fresh job openings. Your years of experience and exposure in performing work as a political analyst, statistician, economist or even as a lobbyist, are valuable to lawmakers who recognize quality and useful work that serves their purpose.

Not all elected political candidates are highly educated in any field or business. Yet the people who work for them must be graduates of related course programs and in most cases, must be Masters in Political Science. While they work behind the scenes, they actually represent the public. Ideally, they are working to help lawmakers formulate legislation that will benefit the majority of the public.

As Masters of Political Science, they are well versed about political powers, and of how the government manages legislative and executive power/s. In Europe, aspiring political analysts, statisticians, economists or lobbyists, let us say in a country like Germany — it’s also important to understand European Union governance and regulation by taking a Masters Program in European Studies.

To give an overview of what these behind-the-scene jobs include, a brief description is provided below:

Political Analyst / Policy Analyst / Political Scientist

Government bodies, non-profit economic and social development world organizations, and even defense and security companies hire political analysts. The latter takes on the responsibilities of studying the trends in local, national and international political systems, while researching about foreign policies, ideologies and diplomatic relationships. Their job is to analyze how political trends could potentially impact the security and stability of a political unit’s relationship with other political bodies.

Statisticians in Politics

The best examples of the outputs of a statistician in the field of politics are the political polls or surveys conducted by statisticians. Their goal is to determine realistic numbers they can use in estimating the probability or possibility of different social and political trends. That way, proactive and preventive measures may be proposed as legislative matters.

Political Economist

Economists provide critical support to players in the political arena. They usually perform work as economic advisers who analyze the impact of new economic policies that are being introduced as legislative proposals.

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